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In the boot of my father’s Citroen ID20 station wagon there were two side-facing seats.
They were my special seats.
Here I could create my own little world, piling up books, carving a stick with my pocket knife, eat apples from the garden.

From here I could watch the scenery going by, wave at the cars behind us, look at the city lights, catching a glimpse of people’s life as my dad’s car whizzed pass them.

Meanwhile my 3 sisters were on the back seat playing with dolls and arguing…

Cars are a fascinating way to observe the behaviour of people and often a reflection of their social status, life challenges, priorities.
I also love the way a car can become a tool for me. Something to shoot through voyeuristically, to add depth and also tell a story, or hint at something deeper.

2016 - 2017.

A book.

I should be used to it by now, but no.

There is always something magical when I see my work printed for the first time.
For many years, I have been working with Queensberry for my prints.
Their work is spotless and their service outstanding.

When they told me they fell in love with my 'Rear Window' work and wanted to print an album for me, I could not say no.

I now have the album in front of me and it is superb.
I love the smell of it.
You know that book smell with a bit of leather smell from the cover.
There is only one, but, maybe, one day, I will fine someone interested enough to publish the work.

Old Folks.

My latest project.

New Zealand has a lot of halls used for all sorts of activities, from dance to weddings, pottery classes, political meetings etc.

Most of these halls have been built around the wars, for the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association, retired workers etc. 

'Old Folks'.

While New Zealand has built a lot of places for the older generations, it is rare to find places for 'young folks'.

Without these halls young people would not be able to practice their Art, their activities.