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Old Folks.

My latest project.

New Zealand has a lot of halls used for all sorts of activities, from dance to weddings, pottery classes, political meetings etc.

Most of these halls have been built around the wars, for the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association, retired workers etc. 

'Old Folks'.

While New Zealand has built a lot of places for the older generations, it is rare to find places for 'young folks'.

Without these halls young people would not be able to practice their Art, their activities. 


I am really enjoying going to "vintage shows" where cars, young models and photographers are mixing.

Never interested in photographing 'pinups', I am fascinated by the relation between models and photographers.
In these particular shows you can have ten, twenty photographers, taking the picture of one 'starlet'.

Observing the relation between them is like observing cats chasing mice where the mice and cats are accomplice...